The Brief:

The brief for this project is inspired by The Great Reset, an initiative that has been launched by industry to capitalise on environmental gains made when the world had to shut down because of the pandemic. The client is the University of West London, but the project should be thought out in the context of scaling it up to be a London-wide initiative. 

The Solution:

Within 4 weeks, my team and I were tasked to create an integrated campaign that would engage both students and university staff in order to promote walking and cycling to and from university campuses. After conducting a focus group, we discovered that students, particularly Generation Z and Millennials engage better with humour and therefore we based our campaign on that. WALK2UNI does not intend to promote the benefits of walking and cycling (environmental or health-based) but to show the downsides of using public transport when you have the alternative of walking/cycling. We came up with a few concepts of humorous outdoor posters that could be replicated and constantly changed based on the different locations.

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