integrated campaign for organic pr - project based, short lead time 

The Brief:

Develop and execute a publicity campaign for the UK theatrical release for the documentary I AM GRETA about environmental activist Greta Thunberg and for Universal’s animated film, THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2.

Both the films have already been released, therefore Organic PR wanted to see how we would redo the promotional campaign. There was no requirement for finalised visuals, but what was required was to create a press release for each of the films.

The Solution:

For this project, the tone of voice was extremely important as the two films that I had to work on were extremely different in their style. For The Secret Life of Pets, which had a four-quadrant target audience, I decided to do a competition that would engage with people no matter their age or social class. For I am Greta, I have decided to collaborate with small and big influencers in order to raise awareness of the movement and also create an app where people could see how "Greta" they are and what else they can do to help the environment. 

This project won "best use of earned media".