Social enterprise - veganuary x premier inn collaboration campaign

The Brief:

Pitch a business idea that incorporates the notion of social entrepreneurship or CSR to bring about positive social change. This could be an initiative for an existing brand or your own original creation. The presentation should address the social problem you're trying to tackle, the stakeholders you'll need to engage to make it work, your target audience and the branding/communications elements that bring your idea to life.

The Solution:

I have worked for a social enterprise that already exists, called Veganuary and my campaign explains how it could collaborate with Premier Inn in order to increase participation in the number of people going vegan during the month of January and beyond. Premier Inn fits in this collaboration as they are part of the "force for good" program, which means they are actively trying to improve their actions to help the environment. The main idea is to veganize the already existing menu at Premier Inn in order to show that vegan food can be tasty and it's not that hard to start a plant-based diet.